The Weekly Gardener 1


One Day in April

Spring Cleaning

Purple Hyacinth

The garden is finally in shape, after titanic efforts which spanned most of the week, a little late, but still. April has blessed us with unusually warm weather, which is forecast to last past the day of last frost, so I decided to risk it and plant all the vegetables.

The tomatoes picked up speed immediately, as they usually do after they are moved to the garden. I started them in mid February and they are a very early variety, as indicated by their name, Independence Day, so I figured giving them a head start was in order.

Spring cleaning is definitely not on my list of favorite gardening activities, but I can say it was worth it when I look at the fresh green growth that got uncovered in the process.

It's still early and the warm weather caught the plants by surprise, they are all rushing to catch up now, but it will still take them some time until the full bloom of spring happens, so, for now, the fresh garden is dotted only by the cheery colors of the spring bulbs.

April is a good time to divide and move any fall blooming perennials that one might want to propagate. I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

The lilacs' buds are ready to burst open and lily of the valley finally started spreading. I spent some time at the plant nursery, during which I managed to tear myself away from the endless flats of pansies and petunias, but I couldn't resist the herb section, I had to bring home a few.

Annual flowers will be the subject of a future visit, it's still mid April, and while I enjoy the weather, I don't trust it just yet.


Anxiously Awaiting

Bleeding Heart

After so many months of winter I tend to forget how beautiful the garden is, and how much I enjoy being in it, so now, between the balmy weather and the luxurious spring growth I find myself seeking any excuse to be outside.

None of the new native plants for the shade emerged yet, and the trouble is I don't know when they are supposed to come out, but the perennials that were planted last year are up to an enthusiastic start this spring.

I keep waiting for rain, lazy gardener that I am, so nature decided to teach me a lesson, and it's putting off the showers until after I have applied myself and watered. No shortcuts, of course, what am I thinking!

Still too early to plant the annuals, although I am seriously tempted. Until then I go out every day to check for flower buds on the peonies, clematis and roses.

Now that all the good things have been covered it is worth mentioning that the weeds are having a jolly good time, bless them. They added another full day to the cleaning schedule all by themselves. They made me abandon my organic dream and apply chemical treatment to the lawn. It's mayhem.